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Tips For Dealing With Social Distancing

Social distancing may be the term we have become familiar with, but to many it has come to mean isolation and loneliness.  Loneliness can breed fear, anxiety, and sadness. We hope the need for social distancing will end soon, but while we are living through it, many need some tips for dealing with social distancing.

You Are Not Alone

It may feel like the world is turned upside down right now, and uncertainty is the norm. Many of us feel like we have lost control. If you are having trouble sleeping, feeling stressed or frightened, remember that you are not alone. These types of feelings are common during a crisis, so take comfort that there are many others going through this with you.

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Reach Out To Friends And Loved Ones

You can be with friends even if you can’t be physically with them. Call or Skype relatives and friends and spread some love and hope to another who is dealing with the same fears that you are. Reach out to someone every day, especially seniors who are most vulnerable to the virus. It helps to talk and reassure others during uncertain times.

Rely Only On The Experts For The Facts

Protocols and guidelines are evolving so get answers to questions via trusted sources, not just anyone on the internet. You can find all the information you need about COVID-19 from Centers For Disease Control And Prevention.

Knowledge is power and when you have the facts, it will help you feel more in control to take care of yourself and your family

Take Care Of Yourself

It’s tempting to stay in your PJs every day and become a couch potato. Life hasn’t stopped just because of social distancing. Prepare and eat healthy meals, continue to exercise as much as you can, listen to your favorite music, and avoid excessive alcohol.

Find activities you love. Paint an old chest with chalk paint, weed your garden, clean out or organize old photos. Accomplishing something during this time can help provide some control in your life and promote a sense of structure.

Ask For Help

Even brief isolation can affect our mental well being. Contact Women’s Care of Alaska via TeleHealth if you or your family is in need of some support.

Stay Positive

Easy to say, right? Turn off all the negative news and listen to some positive music to get you through this time of uncertainty.

Understand that you are doing the right thing.

Contact Women’s Care of Alaska with questions about social distancing or if you need help to get through the rest of the quarantine.

As always, if you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call (907) 279-2273 today!